New Hope Christian Church

Leadership Pastor Bio


Pastor Jerry Edwards, Sr., a native of Greeleyville, SC, remains steadfast in his calling of leading souls to the kingdom of God and unwavering dedication to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His journey began with baptism in October 1986, followed by his installation as a deacon in 1989. In November 2007, he delivered his inaugural sermon, marking the commencement of a remarkable calling.

Answering a higher calling, Pastor Edwards was installed as an Elder in July 2010. Guided by the Holy Spirit, he took a leap of faith and opened the doors of New Hope Christian Church in January 2012, starting in a storefront location and later moving to a beautiful edifice in 2016. The progression is a testament to his faith and obedience to divine guidance.

In addition to his ministry, Pastor Edwards cherishes the privilege of sharing in the ministry of love and marriage with his wife, Rena Mae Edwards. Their commitment to family is evident in his life.

Pastor Edwards holds Matthew 1:21 close to his heart, considering it his cherished scripture: "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins." This verse beautifully captures the essence of Christianity, emphasizing the miraculous birth of Jesus and his crucial role as the Savior, offering salvation and redemption to all who believe.

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